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Christmas tree out, houseplant in!

4 January 2023

After the cozy Christmas season full of lights and candlelight, it’s time for a fresh interior update. The Christmas decorations are neatly stored for a year and step by step we make the whole house tidy again. But it still feels a bit chilly, without all that extra atmosphere.. And where the tree stood it looks so bare..

Vase The World knows what to do with that! It’s time for something new in house. Christmas tree out; houseplant in! We are happy to give you some tips to make it cozy again, especially now that it is so gray and gray outside.

1. Go for gold! This Kentucky is literally the sun in the house. This pot plant combination will be a perfect replacement for your Christmas tree, not only because of its size, but also because it still has a little sparkle!

2. Multifunctional! Choose this Pearl Natural Wood H100 cm and you can go in various directions. This item can be used double sided. One side of the inner planter can hold a beautiful houseplant and the other side functions as a pillar on which a beautiful vase can be placed.

3. Go up in the air with our new Hanging Pots. These are now available in three shapes and two colours; black and grey. Turn your wall into a statement and hang different shapes and colors together. Choose beautiful (silk) hanging plants and create your own artificial greenwall. Totally on trend!

We don’t have to tell you anymore that greenery around you is good for your well-being, right? Prevent a winter dip and decorate your interior with beautiful houseplants. Only you have the question; are you going for gold, multifunctional or are you going up in the air?