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11 August 2022

With these (officially tropical!) temperatures you probably don’t have to think about it yet, but before you know it autumn will be around the door. Because yes, even though this summer seems endless to us, the holidays also come to an end.. Funny fact; it won’t take a month before the first gingerbread cookies are on the supermarket shelves!

Ok, “always look on the bright side of life”; that also means that we can make it cozier inside and turn on the candles! And let’s just now launch a whole new collection of them at Vase The World! This winter, we’re going to be warm. From a chic tea light holder, to a beautiful long candle holder for both rustic and dinner candles. And that’s what makes this one so special, it’s multifunctional. The ‘leaking’ of the candle has also been considered. Because of its shell, your floor will not be damaged.

What are you waiting for? Be prepared for the fall and make your move!