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Lava. Robust, tough and if desired: large

7 February 2020

The Lava collection consists of sturdy, sturdy and robust indoor and outdoor pots with a natural look. Large pieces of clay form the basis of the pots. Handicraft as you are used to from Vase The World. Durable and carefully manufactured.

After the formation process, the clay is fired and uniquely shaped pots with a unique and unique appearance are created. No pot is the same. Every ten square centimeters has its own character. Because of the rough clay, one pot looks like a moon landscape, the other like a powerful rock. The collection owes the name Lava specifically to its “looks”: of course, a bit rugged and powerful.

The powerful appearance of the Lava collection has been honored by Vase The World and also translated into a number of large-sized pots. The Lava pot is even available in a height of more than 100 cm. A number of variants of the Lava pots are provided with an opening at the bottom, which makes the pot extremely suitable for outside. Each pot has its own unique color scheme, whereby the natural appearance is the common denominator.

The rugged volcanic appearance of the pot requires a sturdy and robust plant. The Lava line creates a strong botanical and natural atmosphere that you cannot ignore. See more? View the entire Lava collection here or on Instagram.